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Тема 4
Increase of financial
literacy as a factor
of economic stabilization
Тема 2
Foreign experience
in implementing financial
literacy programs
Тема 3
education for schoolchildren
and students
Тема 1
Financial literacy
of entrepreneurs
Тема 5
Opportunities for
consolidation and
Registration of participants, welcome coffee
Opening. Welcome speech Shalkar Zhussupov, CEO, KMF LLP
1st session
Topic: National strategy for improving financial literacy. Synergy of public and private sector initiatives
  • — Government programs for improving financial literacy of population
  • — Pressing issues of the system approach to improving financial literacy of population
  • — Problems and prospects for the region-wide improvement of financial literacy
  • — Consolidation of efforts of the government and financial market players

Panel discussion:

What are the opportunities and expected impact of the establishment of the Expert Board for Financial Literacy?

Моderator: Dosym Satpayev

Dina Galiyeva, Deputy CEO, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Oraz Zhandosov
, Director, Center for Economic Analysis «Racurs»
Julia Yakupbayeva,Deputy CEO, NGO "Atameken", Acting Chairperson of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan
Eldar Zhumagaziyev, Deputy CEO, NGO "Atameken"
Abay Sarkulov, CEO, "DAMU" Entrepreneurship Development Fund
Coffee Break
2nd session
Topic: National strategies for improving financial literacy. Foreign experience
  • — Russia's experience
  • — Georgia’s experience
  • — Kyrgyzstan’s experience
  • — European experience
  • — Questions/Answers

Questions for discussion: What are the prerequisites, first steps and expected outcome of the national strategies?

Moderator: Dosym Satpayev
Koba Gvenetadze, CEO, National Bank of Georgia
Elena Stratiyeva, Representative of the Central Bank of Russia
Lada Orozboyeva, Deputy CEO, National Bank of Kyrgyzstan
Grzegorz Galusek, Executive Director, Microfinance Center (Poland)
Kiara Montecone, political analyst, representative of OECD for financial literacy improvement
Сholpon Kokumova, project manager for microfinanсe, IFC
3rd session
Topic: Financial literacy for children and youths
  • — Financial literacy for journalists
  • — Creation of information campaigns with the aim of improving financial literacy of population
  • — Interaction of public authorities, financial institutions and mass media in improving financial literacy

Panel discussion: How to increase consumer confidence in the financial market?

Moderator: Kuat Dombai

Alexander Terentyev, Head of the Financial Services Consumers’ Rights and External Communication Division, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Ainura Kargalinova, Executive Editor, lsm.kz
Mira Khalina, Publisher, Kapital.kz Aleksey Bayteev, blogger, author of “Economics in laypeople terms”
Coffee Break
4th session
Topic: The role of the financial sector in improving financial literacy of population Моderator: Serik Akhanov
  • — Improving financial education level of a potential borrower as a way to minimize risks and as a factor of loan portfolio quality

Ruslan Omarov, General Director, First Credit Bureau
Konstantin Pak, Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan
Milan Tomanek, Head of PR Home Credit Group (Chekh Republic)
Aleksey Sidorov, Founder of the aggregator website prodengi.kz
Gleb Ponomarev, Coordinator of the Financial Literacy Program "Просто о финансах"
Shalkar Zhyssupov, CEO, KMF LLC
Buffet. Networking.
Welcome coffee
5th session.
Topic: Financial literacy for children and youth
  • — Financial literacy for children
  • — Financial literacy for startups
  • — Financial literacy for youth
  • — Foreign experience in developing financial literacy for children and youth

Panel discussion: Cooperation of public and private sectors in the area of financial literacy
Moderator: Аsylbek Коzhakhmetov, presibent, AlmaU University
Xeniya Kaliyeva, Head of the Department for Protection of Rights of Financial Services Consumers, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Alina Brovka, Bank of Russia, Financial Literacy and Interaction with Civil Society Institutions
Krzysztof Rybinski, President of Narxoz University
Irina Sheikina, PR Director, Bank Home Credit JSC
Kanat Nurov, President, Research and Academic Portal “Aspandau Foundation”
Saltanat Abaeva, Financial Analyst, Financial Literacy Expert
Coffee Break
6th session. Part 1
Topic: International experience in financial literacy improvement: Country overview

Моderator: Vladimir Tynitsky, international financial literacy expert
Lasha Gzirishvili, Director for Client Protection and Financial Education, National Bank of Georgia
Jhale Hajiyeva, Executive Director, Azerbaijan Microfinance Association
Igor Mikulchik, Belarusian Republican Microfinance Center
Sanavbar Sharipova, representative of microfianance and deposit Imon International (Tajikistan)
Margarita Lalayan, Senior Programme Officer at International Training Center of the ILO
Closure of the Conference Announcement of the draft resolution of the forum on the establishment of the Expert Council on Financial Literacy.
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